Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Plan for Alameda Point

Happy 2009 everyone and Welcome back to 94501 Real Estate!

Besides the weekly Alameda Real Estate inventory report, which shows inventory continuing to decline, I had a chance to take a look at the SunCal Draft Redevelopment Master Plan over the Holidays. Thanks to Lauren Do over at Blogging Bayport that outlined the report and provided some insight into the details.

For my purposes, I focused on page 40 the section titles Diverse Housing. The report reveals that the plan is to build 4,500 new housing units. This addition to the Alameda housing stock would rise to 36,301units or a 14% increase in total housing stock. Suncal expects to build the housing units in five phases and plans to have high density blocks (non-Measure A compliant), medium density blocks (non-Measure A compliant), low density attached blocks and single family residents blocks.

According to Census 2000’s 2007 ACS Update Alameda has:

Total Housing Units:       31,801

Owner-occupied:            14,561

Renter-Occupied            14,726

The high density blocks appear to be lining the corridor that is across the street from the hangers. The industrial buildings that are on Tower Avenue and Monarch Street are slated for work force housing, live work, tuck under and multi-family.

The medium density blocks of the project includes small and large townhomes plus work force housing, live work and tucks unders. For the low density the just add in duplexes and remove the tuck under. These units are in the old barracks and office quarters that are near the parade ground and surround City Hall Wst.

For any portion of the high, medium or low density parts of the project to move forward it would need voter approval, so a Measure A showdown appears to be on the horizon.

The plan outlines single family residences blocks to also including homes, duplexes and townhomes. Which is confusing because by definition it must be detached—The Census defines as: This is a 1-unit structure detached from any other house; that is, with open space on all four sides. Such structures are considered detached even if they have an adjoining shed or garage. A one-family house that contains a business is considered detached as long as the building has open space on all four sides. A duplex normally falls into this category, but townhomes share walls.

Phase 1 would be start near the Atlantic Avenue entrance go west to the Seaplane Lagoon and go North toward the Alameda Point Collaborative. The first phase has SFRs, low and medium density.

The City Council, Sitting as ARRA, will revue the plan at its next meeting. According to Save Our City website that meeting is January 7, 2009 at City Hall 7 PM. The City website does not list the meeting this week, and there is no agenda posted. I will keep you posted as soon as I find the correct information.

By the way the Save our City website has an anti-SunCal ad on their website I will leave it to other websites to comment on the ad.

Best wishes for 2009. Here is the Alameda Real Estate Inventory Data . . .

Alameda Inventory Data

Data Pulled January 4, 2009, at 9:30 AM

Total Units                                 149

94501                                       116

94502                                       33

Single Family Residences          83

Condominiums                           38

Multi-Family                              28

Foreclosure                               13

Short Sale                                 20

Price Reductions                       51

Highest Price Listing                  $1,995,000

Lowest Listing                           $179,900

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