Thursday, February 5, 2009

67 Minutes Later I Have Internet -- Thanks Comcast (Sarcasm added)

For those who read strictly for the housing information, I ask that you indulge me on this post the housing post for today is below, because it has nothing to do with the housing market but it does have something to do with my home and the City’s cable, Internet and phone provider Comcast.

Yesterday, while I was at work, the fine folks at Comcast came by my home and installed a new cable drop with out my permission or knowledge. The only way I figured it out was when my Internet went out at 8 PM. At first I just thought it was a problem with the router or modem, but at rebooting both I got this new walled page that welcomed me to Comcast.

This explained why there was a welcome pack that was left at the front door when I got home. The packet did not explain the work that was done, what would happen to our service or what needed to be done to correct the issue and get up and running on the Comcast system. It was a pure sales packet that wasted at least a pound of paper. I ignored the packet and fired up my laptop and everything was working fine as if I was still on the AP&T system.

Then the clocked tolled 8 PM . . .and the modem no longer was working.

Coincidently, I saw two Installers outside my home as the problem happen and their response – “It was not us, it must have been our contractors” They told me to call the special Alameda number. So I called, and this is where the 67 minutes begins. After a 15 minute hold waiting for a Customer Service Representative, I explained the issue and that I was an Alameda customer. The rep was friendly, but I was then told that he could not do anything because he only handled cable. I was then transferred to Bob in St. Louis.

The group in St. Louis had no idea about the Comcast purchase. They asked me if the equipment was Comcast equipment. I told them no, repeated the Alameda sale story. I became a bit frustrated when it appeared I knew more about cable modems that the person on the other end of the call. The only saving grace was he was personable and friendly. For more than 45 minutes I worked with the guy to get my modem up and running and I knew what I was doing on my end.

I can not believe that this is happening to the nearly 7,000 former AP&T Internet subscribers across the city, but if it is, I say to Comcast good luck keeping them as customers. I requested that they remove the old cable drop, let's see if they do this in a timly manner or I need to give up another 67 minutes.

The blog is the only pulpit I have so thanks for hanging in to read my rant.


  1. Yikes...

    That's all just "yikes" and a whole lot of sympathy.

  2. As a prior APT customer the Internet transition was relatively painless. Once I rebooted the modem and router the system came up. Within 24 hours the connection dropped again. Another reset of the modem and router fixed the problem. Since then about one month, the connection with Comcast has been up.

    As for TV services that was seamless. With Comcast after running an autoprogram of my digital TV there were new HD channels for local channels like 2,4,5 and 7. There were numbered differently 2, 2-1, 2-2 etc.

    About two weeks we decided to purchase a Comcast package without a HD service (just a Comcast box) we lost our ability to view the HD channels.

  3. Approximately Jan 26 we received a letter w/ detailed information included announcing the conversion date(s) in our neighborhood. I thought everyone would receive this packet. We are making a decision to change providers ... and not Comcast. But I understand that we must notify Comcast to not change our service before the pre-announced service change dates.

  4. Wait...I spent two hours total on the phone with people in India -- how did you get Bob in St. Louis???

  5. I’ve had comcast for years and had my share of ups & downs. More ups than downs but when its down that seems to reverse my thinking. I used to know a govt relations gal in Hayward who it seems no longer works for them or doesn’t answer emails any longer, but she put me in touch with the district sup and mgr. What I have found but not had to use is on If you have an account do a search for comcastcares and follow them or just send an email to . The guys that monitor the twitter account appear to be directors of the company in Phili and from the posts on twitter seem to get issues resolved pretty quickly. Good luck.