Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome to the 94501

Welcome to 94501 Real Estate! This blog is where I get a chance to talk, and hopefully discuss, what is happening in the Alameda Real Estate market in both the 94501 and 94502 zipcodes. I will look at “Hot” real estate topics and see if it is a trend I think you should know a little more about. I will review inventory data and housing reports to see how all those numbers impact our little Island. Hopefully as we look at the market we will also get a chance to take a close look at individual neighborhoods and maybe firgure what inventory is moving and what's not. I will also share photos that capture the essence of Alameda and post some of your photos that do the same.

I love the history of our little Island, so occasionally I will drop in something that I find of interest that pertains to the development of our city.

As part of full disclosure, I work in the real estate industry, but I am not a sales person. I am just a person that has lived in Alameda for over 30-years and has seen many of the changes to the community from real estate development and most of all I like to watch the ever changing real estate market. Since I follow the market closely for my job I thought I would share what I find with the world.

So welcome, to our little piece of cyber real estate and I hope that you enjoy the blog as I launch it on Monday, November 17, 2008. So enjoy Elvis singing, "Home is where the heart is," until we start publishing this coming Monday.

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