Friday, May 15, 2009

Alameda Snapshot: Island Auto Movie

I found this 1983 Photo of Alameda on Flickr and thought this would make a great snapshot photo for today, The Drive-in site has been developed into homes, but I can remeber the day when the swap met bustled and as a teenager hanging out just outside the drive-in and watch the movie from outside the fence.

From Dizzy Atmosphere who posted the photo:
Island Auto Movie Drive-in, Alameda, California. Opened 1950.A storm in 1991 destroyed the screen at this theater. Oddly enough, after the expense and labor of replacing it, the theater never re-opened. The site continued as a weekend swap meet until 1995 when it was closed and abandoned. It was demolished in 1997, and a housing subdivision was built shortly thereafter on the site.

A lot has change in this area, the Alameda Housing projects that were across the street are gone and replaced with a park and Independance Plaza. I need to find a photo of those old barrack style of the public assisted housing that sat across the street..

Have a great weekend.

The Site Today:


  1. Yes my 1949 chev. spent alot of time there and across the road at the Alameda Drive In

  2. Thanks for the pic. Great memories of the local drive-in.