Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ninety Five Cents On The Dollar

We’re 123rd! In a recently released report by online Real Estate brokerage ZipRealty, Alameda’s 94501 finished in the 123 position out 144 zip codes when you compare sale price to list price for the First Quarter of 2009; the zips were required to have at least 30 sales in the quarter.

The 94501 sales-to-list ratio show that homes are getting ninety-five cents for every dollar of the listing price. Alameda's ratio scored a 95.28% for the first three month of 2009. The range for the Bay Area was a low in Sebatopol’s 95472 (87.46%) to a high in Daly City’s 94015 (110.70%).

For Alameda the data represents 54 sales with an average list price of $521,324 compared to the average sale price of $496,711. Bay Farm’s 94502 did not make the list because it had just 18 sales for the period; those sales did have a ratio of 96.07%.

Sixteen city zip codes were in the 95% range. Here are the top and bottom 10 in the Bay Area.

For the full report go the PR Resouce Section of the ZipRealty Newsroom. The link takes you to the News Room, but you will have to click on the PR Resources for the Home Hunters Report.

Link to the pdf: http://tinyurl.com/coxohu

Link to Ziprealty Newsroom: http://onlinepressroom.net/ziprealty/

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