Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recycled Home

With all the talk lately about "Green Technology" and recycling here in Alameda and in California as whole for real estate, I thought I would share an interesting news piece from environmentally friendly Cole Oklahoma. Or as in the story they call it Hippieville.

If you are looking to Green your Alameda home, Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) is offering rebates on Solar Photovoltaics (PV) systems. These systems have traditionally been expensive but now with the rebates these systems have become more affordable.

Solar convert the energy of the sun into pollution-free, renewable, reliable and safe electricity. AMP is offering $4.2 million in rebates over 10 years to customers who install Solar system and in 2009, the $2,000 cap has been removed making the federal tax credit 30% of the cost of a Solar system after AMP rebates. Earth Day is April 22, so if you need to start small put in some compact florescent bulbs in the house. Locally, Alameda will celebrate the day on April 25 at Washington Park.

Solar Rebate

Alameda Earth Day

California's Million rooftop intiative.

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  1. After watching that video, one question comes to mind: why are environmentally conscious people so ugly???