Monday, December 8, 2008

Two for the Planning Board

North Housing Parcel Map

The City of Alameda Planning Board will be taking up two Real Estate related topics at their 7 PM meeting tonight. The first item, the Community Reuse Plan for the North Housing Parcel is on the consent calendar and the issue of a second unit ordinance is on the regular agenda.

The North Housing item appears to be for the Planning Board to accept the recommended amendments to the NAS Alameda Community Reuse plan. After reading the documents the best information was a description of the current state of units in North Housing; which are in poor shape and have little functional use coupled with lead and asbestos issues. Basically it is being suggested that the entire North Housing Area be raze. North Housing is comprised of the vacant Navy Housing which is 282 units on 34 acres and Coast Guard Housing – Marina Village has 300 units on 26 acres.

This will be an increase of 153 housing units in the same space. See below for a breakdown of units:

Staff is recommending that the Proposed “New” North Housing Parcel

1.       Park 8 Acres – This is already open space and being used as a park.

2.       Market Rate Housing 21acres; 315 units

3.       Alameda Housing Authority 9 acres; 90 units

4.       Habitat for Humanity Housing 2 acres; 30 units

5.       Open Space 2 acres

Subtotal North Housing Parcel 42 acres 435 units

Coast Guard Housing “Marina Village” will stay, but the big giveaway that the city wants to bulldoze the current vacant buildings is on page 7 of the Draft Amendment where it is recommended to create a grid system for the streets. North Housing is currently a loops and circles with one entrance and exit on Singleton at Main. The new design has Singleton connect Main with a street to the East that looks like Webster, but is unlabeled. The other corridor is the new Mitchell Mosley street that will start at Main go by Rosenblum Cellars through the FISC property to Marina Village.

8-B. Reuse Plan Amendment Recommendation. Recommended amendments to the Community Reuse Plan for the North Housing Parcel. The North Housing Parcel is located north of Singleton Avenue. The site was declared surplus by the Navy in November 2007. The property is proposed to be conveyed for public and private uses. It is anticipated that the existing vacant housing may be demolished and new market rate and affordable housing, parks, open space, and civic uses may be constructed consistent with the City of Alameda General Plan. Continued from November 24, 2008. (DP/EC)   [ view item ]

  Attachment 1. Base Map   [ view item ]

  Attachment 2. Meeting Notes from November 3, 2008 Planning Board Workshop   [ view item ]

  Attachment 3. Draft Amendment to the NAS Alameda Community Reuse Plan   [ view item ]

The Second unit Ordinance is to comply with State law. The Board asked staff to modify the ordinance based on some concerns, but basically you can build a second unit if you meet the requirements for lot size, set backs and parking. The minimum lot size on which a second unit shall be allowed is 7,500 square feet and The parking space for the second unit shall function independently of other parking spaces on the site. A tandem parking space shall not count as meeting the required parking for the second unit. Very few lots will be able to meet the requirements.

 9-A. Second Unit Ordinance. Proposed amendment to the Alameda Municipal Code to allow attached or detached secondary housing units to be constructed on sites with a single-family dwelling. In compliance with State Secondary Housing Unit law, the proposed ordinance provides for the administrative review and approval of secondary units meeting the development standards contained in the code. Continued from November 24, 2008. (JB)   [ view item ]

Weekly Inventory Report -- Total Alameda Inventory

Data Pulled December 7, 2008 at 9:00 AM

Total Listings: 164

Single Family Residences: 91

Condominiums: 42

Multi-Family: 31

Short Sales: 21

Foreclosures: 13

Price Reductions: 65

Highest List Price: $1,995,000 – 4 Bedroom; 4 Bathroom; 3,876 Square Feet

Lowest List Price: $199,900 – 1 Bedroom; 1 Bathroom; 710 Square Feet; Foreclosure

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