Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Followup: What's in a Name (Map Revision)

I have gotten some good feedback from yesterday’s post about Alameda Neighborhoods. I want to invite you to forward any additional comments about the map, and understand what you call the neighborhood you live in . I would love to add more information to the map and get it to be the best representation of Alameda Neighborhoods.

Lauren Do over Blogging Bayport commented:

Neat! Wouldn't you need to divvy up Park Street though into North of Lincoln and South of Lincoln given the new effort to give the North of Lincoln area a new identity?Also, isn't there a swath that self-identifies as some sort of triangle near the old Island High site

And the section you have designated as North Housing, shouldn't a portion be "Coast Guard Housing" and then the remainder North Housing?

Although I am not ready to break up Park Street into NOLI and SOLI until some critical mass starts to referring to the business district in a new way. I did take her suggestion and add The Triangle/Wedgwood. I live one block from this neighborhood and it is a pretty accurate physical description.
Back in the mid to late 80s, when I grew up in North Housing the new homes were official Marina Village at North Housing. They were not Coast Guard Housing at the time so based on my old knowledge I lumped them together. I thought having two Marina Villages would be confusing, so I stuck with North Housing. But based on the suggestion I broke them up, since North Housing will be developed separately in the near future.
Another comment came in from Sam McCafty.

Your Fernside is about 2x the size of the actual Fernside. Best to divide into Fernside & East End.
Technically he is correct. The Fernside Western border was/is High Street. Over time those who live West of High between Broadway from Tilden to Central also call their neighborhood the Fernside. So I lump those together, if there is a more accurate name I not sure what it is.
Sam also added:

North of Lincoln btw Grand & Park is "Oklahoma."

Oklahoma??? In 30+ years I have never heard that name used for that neighborhood. I would love a historical story on how that name came about and/or if it still used by the residents.

Again let me know about your neighborhood and will update the map with neighborhoods I may have missed. If you have a recommendation please include the boundaries.


  1. Neat! What's the name of the area surrounded by Westend, Gold Coast, Park St and Northern Waterfront?

    Similarly, what's the name of the area between Southshore and Fernside?

  2. The Fernside is actually a portion of what you have marked in yellow, and its east (not west) boundary is High Street. See the Fernside Homeowners Association website for the actual boundaries.

    The rest of the area east of Broadway (currently yellow and gray) is the East End.

  3. Is there a map somewhere that corresponds with the areas used in the MLS - 2901-2906?