Thursday, June 25, 2009

Negotiating (Bingo)

So I was reading this article on the Inman News website titled, “Top 10 negotiating rules for Realtors” it is by Rich Levin and he caught my attention with his very bold statement in the lead: “Most agents have little or no specific training in negotiating, though it is a major component to an agent's success.”

And it got me thinking of the buzzword bingo that the Real Estate industry plays, no matter if it is a personal profile or a listing flyer.

I have seen, read thousands of profiles and even helped write a few and negotiating in the Realtor biz is a staple word (Bingo Top Row). Almost ever agent to the one, will tell you that they are a good negotiator.

But if every one of them is a good negotiator: Why is the industry thought so ill of by the general public?

Maybe, because negotiating is an expected trait/skill for a Realtor, It is service and customer care that people are looking for in an agent.

I have some other terms that make me shiver when agents describe themselves:
“Making the American Dream Happen”
“Passion for People”
“Member of . . . .President’s Club, Top Earner, 1% Club, Platinum Performer, etc, etc, etc (fill in the blank)”
“Available 24/7” – I will call you everyday of the week at 3:30 AM
“Any NAR Designation” – These are inside baseball (Bingo first row down) consumers could care less they just make the agents feel good.

You get the idea.

So the next time you hire a real estate agent I hope that you negotiate a with a true top performer that will assist you in fulfilling your American Dream and will be available every moment of ever waking day to get the deal that will put them in the President’s club and earn their net NAR designation.

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